Product Characteristics

            Product Name: High Speed Toilet Paper Machine

            Specifications: 1092-3500

            product manual:

            The high-speed paper machine with built-in pressure-type sizing, square cone pipe distributor, step diffuser to ensure that the paper uniformity. The use of curved curved plate, making the curved plate and the cage between the cutting angle with the variety of paper and technical requirements change, the cage with stainless steel sheet to ensure maximum strength and permeability, the use of pneumatic pulse automatic carpet blanket Controller. Electric automatic tensioner, pneumatic automatic roller pressure system to ensure a balanced pressure, roller with pneumatic compound scraper to ensure uniform wrinkling of the paper to ensure the life of the dryer cylinder surface. Drying Department using breathing heat-cycle hood, to ensure that the drying paper consistent with the speed. The model papermaking speed of up to 130 - 200 m / min

             技術參數:Technical Data

            Product Use

            This machine is suitable for producing toilet paper, napkin base paper.