• Birtley Industrial Equipment Corporation

    · Birtley has a high-quality technical staff and service team, can timely response and solve problems, and at any time to provide comprehensive services to meet the needs of customers.

    · After the equipment installation is completed, Birtley after-sales service personnel can provide training to the personnel of the buyer on the start, operation, commissioning, maintenance and other aspects of the product at the project site.
    · Birtley provides lifelong technical service and quality tracking system for our products, and makes regular return visits, and proposes maintenance or maintenance Suggestions to users.
    · Birtley guarantees that the equipment is processed and manufactured in strict accordance with the latest international standards, and has a sound quality testing and quality control system.
    · Birtley guarantees regular inspection of equipment;In this way, the operation of the equipment can be mastered in a timely manner. If hidden dangers are found in the equipment during the inspection, we will strive to eliminate them in the shortest time.

    United States : +1 859.721.1740 / sales@birtley.us